Dr. Chhatra Mani Sharma

Founder President, Advisor

Dr. Chhatra Sharma is a freshwater ecologist. His research involves analyses of different compartments of lakes and rivers such as biota (particula... Read More

Dr. Lekhendra Tripathee


Dr. Lekhendra Tripathee is an Assistant Professor at the State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences who focuses his r... Read More

Dr. Rukumesh Paudyal


Dr. Rukumesh Paudyal is at State Key Laboratory of Cryospheric Science, North-west Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy... Read More

Mr. Ranjan Aryal

Secretary (Environmental Engineer)

Mr Ranjan Aryal is Environmental Engineer with experiences on Environmental Assessment. Till date, he has completed numerous environmental assessme... Read More

Mr. Sivahari Mainali (Sital)

Treasurer (Chief Administrative Officer)

Mr Sivahari Mainali (Sital) is Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) at HERI. He has five years long experience in Administration and Management. At H... Read More

Dr. Prakriti Sharma


Dr. Prakriti Sharma is working on biochemistry and molecular biology of soil derived fungal pathogens. Isolation, characterization and molecular ge... Read More

Mukesh Rai


Mukesh Rai, PhD-fellow has a master's degree in Environmental Science and Glaciology. Prior to joining to the doctorate program, he served as a... Read More

Hemraj Bhattarai


Mr. Hemraj Bhattarai is a Research Fellow at the Kathmandu Center for Research and Education, Kathmandu, Nepal with a research focus on atmospheric... Read More